Teeth Bonding Marshall, TX

Tooth bonding provides both cosmetic and restorative uses in a dentist office. It’s a painless and economical solution for patients who want to correct things in their smile. Dr. Chris Goelz is a cosmetic dentist in Marshall, TX who offers dental bonding in our welcoming dentist office.tooth bonding treatment in marshall, texas

Tooth Bonding Treatment in Marshall, TX

Tooth bonding takes just one visit to our office, making it an ideal choice for many patients. Alternatives like porcelain veneers require multiple visits and changes to the tooth structure. Bonding material adheres best to a clean tooth, so we’ll ensure it’s clean and ready before moving forward. The dentist roughs up the tooth’s surface so the bonding material sticks. This is virtually painless, and a patient rarely needs a local anesthetic.

The dentist mixes bonding material to ensure that it matches the shade of the affected tooth. If you’re using bonding as a whitening solution, we match it to the shade of white you desire your smile to be. Once we achieve the correct shade, the dentist molds the bonding material into place, depending on how you use it.

When you’re satisfied with the result, we use a UV light to harden the bonding material. We seal the material and polish it to match the sheen of your natural teeth. You’re able to use your bonded tooth virtually immediately after your appointment.

What Tooth Bonding Can Treat

One of the reasons tooth bonding is popular is because it can treat almost any dental issue. Since it’s moldable and malleable, it’s an ideal solution to treat cracked or broken teeth. We mold the material to replace the portion of your tooth that’s broken off. If your tooth has a crack in it, bonding material can fill in the crack and give your tooth back a complete appearance.

Bonding material provides a more subtle solution to dental fillings than traditional amalgam ones. We remove the decayed parts of the tooth and mold the material to correct it. Since it matches the shade of the tooth, it blends right in instead of standing out as much as metal would. Not only does it improve looks, but the composite material helps with the function of your tooth, too.

Dental bonding corrects multiple cosmetic problems. Some discolored teeth don’t respond to traditional whitening techniques. Since we color-match the material, we can mold the bonding resin over the discolored tooth. We can use bonding material in cases where you have gaps between teeth or teeth that are misshapen or disfigured. Each bonding case is unique, and we mold the material precisely to give the appearance of a straight, even smile.

Bonding provides restorative uses. If you have teeth with weak enamel or if any of your tooth roots are exposed, bonding can help. It covers tooth roots and reduces sensitivity. Adding a layer of bonding material strengthens the structure of the tooth, restoring functionality as well.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding has many benefits in addition to being a versatile treatment option. Bonding is one of the least invasive cosmetic options available. It treats many things that porcelain veneers can while preserving more natural tooth structure. Because of this, even children are eligible for dental bonding treatment. It doesn’t permanently affect your smile and is reversible and removable if you change your mind.

Because of its simplicity, it’s also one of the more affordable dentistry options. Almost anyone is eligible for bonding treatment. Dental insurance will usually cover some or all of the procedure. It can be done extremely quickly in comparison to many procedures. Bonding a tooth takes about an hour in our dentist office, with no need for follow-up appointments. After you leave our office, you can use your bonded tooth immediately.

Transform Your Smile With Dental Bonding

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