Tooth Extraction Marshall, TX

While we try to preserve the natural tooth structure whenever possible, there are occasions when extracting a tooth is best for your oral health. With advancements in dentistry, this general dental service is faster and more comfortable than ever. We employ the best anesthetics and offer sedation dentistry to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your procedure.wisdom tooth extraction in marshall, texas

Tooth Extraction in Marshall, TX

For a simple tooth extraction, we numb the entire area around the tooth so that you feel no pain during the procedure. If you’re nervous, we offer sedation options to ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable. The dentist uses an elevator tool to gently loosen the tooth from its socket. It’s rocked back and forth to break the connection between the tooth and the jawbone until it’s loose enough to remove completely.

Then, we clean the socket and use gauze to help stop the bleeding. In some cases, we’ll suture the area shut, too. We’ll provide aftercare instructions to prevent dry socket and other conditions.

In some cases, like with impacted wisdom teeth, you’ll require surgical extraction. Infected teeth and teeth that are difficult to remove also require this. When we do this, we make an incision in the tissue to access the tooth. We may also break the tooth into pieces to remove it effectively.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are various reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. A common one is a severely decayed tooth. If we can’t save the tooth with a crown, extraction is next. We want to ensure that your oral health is sound and that the decay doesn’t get into the jawbone or spread to your other teeth. If the decay reaches the tooth root, it can cause an abscess.

Overcrowding is another issue. Your jaw may not be big enough to hold all your teeth, or extra teeth can erupt. With severe overcrowding, the other teeth are pressured and moved out of position. We may need to remove teeth to ensure you can have a healthy, even smile.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Many teens and young adults require wisdom tooth extraction. The last molars in the back of our mouths don’t develop until the ages of 17-25. Often, our mouths aren’t big enough for this extra set of molars, requiring extraction. It’s also common for wisdom teeth to be impacted in the jaw.

Impaction occurs when teeth don’t have enough room to even erupt. They can grow at an angle or remain stuck in the jawbone, under the surface, causing pain and swelling in the area. If a tooth only emerges halfway, a flap of tissue develops, a perfect trap for food and bacteria. The infection that results from it can cause swelling and pain, too, making it difficult to open your mouth properly.

Wisdom tooth extraction usually requires a surgical extraction. We sedate you throughout the process, so you aren’t aware of what we’re doing or have any memory of the procedure. You’ll have sutures to assist the healing process, which normally takes about a week.  We give you a dietary list and cleaning instructions to prevent infection.

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