Laser Dentistry Marshall, TX

Modern technology continues to advance, and dental technology is no exception. Advanced dental technology provides faster and more comfortable treatment for both the dentist and patients. Laser dentistry is a general dentistry service, but it has cosmetic and restorative benefits. We’re proud to be one of the few dentists offering our patients laser dentistry.laser dental treatment in marshall, texas

Laser Dentistry Procedures in Marshall, TX

At our office, we use soft tissue lasers to perform various treatments. Lasers utilize a concentrated beam of light energy to sculpt and remove gum tissue. They replace the typical instrument used in procedures, most likely a scalpel.

Gum Contouring

An ideal aesthetically pleasing smile has the right ratio of gum to tooth structure. A gummy smile occurs when there’s too much gum tissue, making your teeth look small. Gum tissue can also be uneven, causing some teeth to look smaller than others in your smile. We may also contour the gums to provide more room to place a dental crown if you’re receiving one. We want your smile to look symmetrical and natural.


Your frenulum is a piece of tissue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth or your lip to your gums. When this piece of tissue is tight or rigid, it can cause problems eating or speaking correctly. A frenectomy corrects these conditions, often called tongue or lip ties, without traditional surgical methods. We use a layer to release this band of tissue to give the structures in your mouth their full range of motion.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a serious problem that can impact the health of your entire body. Laser periodontal treatment is a less invasive way to manage the condition. The infection causes pockets to form between the gum tissue and bone. They collect bacteria and food debris, causing infection. Lasers clean out these pockets, reducing buildup and emptying it of any current bacteria.

If your gums already have damage from gum disease, lasers can precisely remove all of the infected tissue. They’re extremely precise, ensuring that only damaged tissue is removed and the healthy gum tissue remains intact. This promotes healing and helps prevent the bacteria from spreading to other parts of your mouth and body.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry revolutionizes traditional dental treatments. Many procedures it can replace are done with scalpels, leading to heavy bleeding and the need for sutures. During laser treatment, the energy cauterizes the blood vessels as it treats, resulting in minimal bleeding. This also lessens downtime after the procedure. There’s reduced swelling and pain afterward and less damage to the surrounding tissues.

The laser is incredibly precise, targeting only certain areas of your smile. It never takes away healthy tissue, as it focuses on infected or damaged tissue. It’s much less invasive than using a traditional scalpel. Laser dentistry is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. A scalpel is typically one of the things dental anxiety patients fear most. Treatment with the laser is less invasive and more comfortable.

Since it’s just light energy, treatment is virtually painless. Many patients don’t even need a local anesthetic when we use the laser for procedures. The energy seals nerve endings as it goes, so you feel less pain. It sterilizes the treatment area as it goes, too. You’re less likely to develop infections or other complications after the procedure.

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