Oral Surgery Marshall, TX

If you experience chronic pain or an infection in one or more of your teeth, you may need a dental extraction. Our office is proud to provide simple, quick, and painless tooth extractions.

Removing a tooth will usually mean you need it to be replaced. Dental implants are the best option for replacing one or more missing teeth. At Marshall Family Dental, we offer single and multiple implants to secure crowns and dentures.

Oral surgery in our Marshall, TX office can also help prepare patients for dental implants. We provide our patients with bone grafting options, which are a great solution if a patient is either missing teeth or has had bone loss in their jaw.

Grafting procedures help restore a patient’s jaw to its natural shape and state. Oral surgery is one of the general dental care services we provide to the public in Marshall, TX.

Oral Surgery in Marshall, Texas

Types of Bone Grafting and Preservation Treatments 

We can offer multiple types of grafting or preservation treatments to ensure that patients are ready for implant treatment: 

  • Sinus Lift: After a patient loses one or more teeth, their sinuses can collapse. This reduces bone tissue that can support dental implants. During a sinus lift, we essentially raise the sinuses and graft bone beneath them. A sinus lift ensures that patients have enough bone to support implants.
  • Socket Preservation: We may perform socket preservation directly after tooth extraction. Socket preservation is a bone graft that improves the bone structure and allows the socket to heal properly.
  • Ridge Augmentation: A ridge augmentation is also common after a dental extraction. During ridge augmentation, we expand the jaw bone and shape it after a bone graft.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is the most common type of oral surgery, and most patients will need to have it done during their teen or young adult years. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent problems like impacted teeth, meaning that the teeth do not have enough room to grow properly. Sometimes wisdom teeth can create overcrowding and dig into adjacent teeth, creating pain and damaging teeth.

We are trained to tell if a patient’s wisdom teeth will have enough room to enter naturally into the mouth and develop normally. If not, we can remove them and provide our patients with all the necessary tools to recover fully from the surgery. We ensure that patients do not feel pain during the extraction and will recommend pain medication for a smooth recovery post-extraction.

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