Sedation Dentistry Marshall, TX

At our dentist office, our patients are our priority. Sedation dentistry ensures we can provide patients with comfortable, quality dental care. Whether you’re suffering from dental anxiety or you have a bad gag reflex, sedation can help you get your needed care. As part of our general dentistry services, we provide multiple forms of dental sedation to meet your needs.sedation dentistry in marshall, texas

What to Expect: Sedation Dentistry in Marshall, TX

We start the process with a consultation in our office. We’ll discuss your current oral health problems and issues you have with dental care. It’s crucial to know your anxiety level or if you have a bad gag reflex. Talk to us about your medical history and current medications, which can impact your eligibility for certain sedation medications.

Types of Dental Sedation

We offer different sedation options to ensure you get the best option for your needs. Our mildest form is nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. You breathe this in through a mask or cannula throughout your procedure. It both takes effect and dissipates quickly, only needing a few breaths. Because of this, it’s the only option where you can drive to and from your appointment by yourself.

Nitrous oxide provides a relaxing, euphoric feeling throughout treatment. You’re still awake and aware of your surroundings but don’t care about what’s happening around you. Because it’s mild, it’s the ideal option for moderate anxiety or procedures on children.

A deeper form of sedation, oral conscious sedation, is given in the form of a prescribed pill you take about an hour before your procedure. It may be a sedative or an anti-anxiety medication, depending on the severity of the anxiety. You’ll need a ride to and from your appointment as it can be active for hours. While conscious, you may experience amnesia and not remember portions of the procedure.

The strongest sedation option is through an IV, administering medication directly to the bloodstream. We usually reserve this for intensive procedures or severe anxiety. Professionals monitor you throughout, ensuring your vitals are good and you get the proper dosage. You’re extremely relaxed and may fall asleep during the procedure.

Benefitting From Sedation Dentistry

The main patient who benefits from sedation is one with dental anxiety. Dental fear occurs on a spectrum. Patients may only be triggered by certain sounds or tools, or they may not even be able to walk into the office. When you don’t get regular dental care, you’re more likely to develop serious problems requiring intensive procedures. Sedation allows patients to get through these deeper procedures and come in for regular dental care.

Children and patients with movement disorders often have trouble sitting still for care. Dentistry is precise and delicate, and dentists use sharp tools. Involuntary movements make it more likely for soft tissue to be harmed and for the dentist to struggle. It’s true with bad gag reflexes as well. Sedation makes it easier for the dentist to do the work quickly and efficiently. Because of this, you spend less time in the dentist office and can have fewer appointments.

Sedation makes things more comfortable for the patient, too. Pain receptors are dulled with sedation so that there’s less pain and discomfort during treatment. This further comforts patients with dental fears who worry about pain.

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