Teeth Whitening Marshall, TX

Everyone will experience discolored teeth at some point in their lives. That’s why teeth whitening is our most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Professional teeth whitening is the best method to use if you want to get a whiter smile. We provide personalized treatment plans to ensure that we target the specific discoloration you’re experiencing. Choose an economical way to transform your smile.teeth whitening treatment in marshall, texas

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

Many different things cause tooth discoloration. Determining the causes and types of your discoloration is essential to treating it effectively. There are two main categories of discoloration — intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic staining includes things that discolor your tooth’s outer layer- the enamel. Usually, this is caused by lifestyle habits and the things you consume. Certain foods and drinks contain pigments that stain the enamel. These include red wine, coffee, and soy sauce. Consuming many acidic foods and beverages can erode the enamel, causing it to stain faster. The longer you consume these things, the higher the rate of discoloration.

Tobacco use is another big one. Tar, nicotine, and other chemicals cause yellow and brown stains on your teeth. This is true of poor oral hygiene, too. If plaque and tartar build up, they cause stains of similar colors. These things cause tooth discoloration and increase your risk of oral health problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer.

Intrinsic discoloration starts from within the tooth. One thing everyone will experience is tooth discoloration due to aging. As we age, the enamel layer on our teeth gets thinner and wears away. This exposes more of the off-white layer underneath, called dentin. It compounds that you consume more staining foods and drinks over time, slowly building up discoloration.

Trauma can damage the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. Typically, the tooth darkens due to the loss of blood flow or the tooth reacting to the injury by producing more dentin.

Teeth Whitening Methods in Marshall, TX

We offer two different options to whiten your teeth. In-office teeth whitening is ideal to get whitening results fast. If you have an important event coming up and need a quick solution, we recommend in-office whitening. We can give you a smile up to eight shades brighter white than when you started.

In-office whitening is done in just one visit. The dentist protects your gums and soft tissue so the bleaching agent doesn’t harm them. We also provide protective eyewear because of the special light used during the procedure. Once ready, we paint the bleaching gel onto your teeth, ensuring even coverage. We position the specialized light to shine directly onto your teeth, activating the bleaching agent in the gel.

We use the light in fifteen-minute increments to ensure you get the best results. Typically, treatment can take up to an hour. You’ll see results immediately but experience even more improvement in the coming days. We also provide you with a touch-up kit to take home so that you can make sure the results last.

Take-home whitening is a more gradual process. It starts with a visit to our office so that we can take impressions. A lab uses these to make custom whitening trays to fit your smile perfectly. They help seal out saliva and ensure that the whitening gel distributes equally across your teeth.

We create a personalized treatment plan depending on the level of whitening you’re looking for. You’ll wear the trays for a few hours each night for an allotted time, usually a few weeks. We can always add more time if you don’t see the results you’re looking for.

Professional Vs. Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening

There are many different whitening options you can purchase at your local drugstore. They promise affordable teeth whitening that’s convenient and easy to accomplish. But there are many issues with store-bought whitening solutions, especially when you compare them to professional whitening.

Professional whitening is personalized, ensuring each patient gets exactly what they need. This means measured coverage. Every over-the-counter whitening option is one size fits all. You may get whitening strips that don’t fully cover your teeth, leading to spotty results. Or, the whitening strips may extend beyond your teeth, encountering soft gum tissue and causing sensitivity.

The highest-quality whitening treatment is only available in a professional capacity. Dentists have access to better-quality and stronger products, so you get better results. Over-the-counter products aren’t as strong because manufacturers worry about safety and know that people will be treating themselves. However, this can create another hazard, as using over-the-counter treatments too often can cause sensitivity and damage the tooth enamel.

Transform Your Discolored Smile

Our dentist office welcomes new patients looking to get a whiter, brighter smile. Call our office or schedule an appointment online to get started.