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Dentures and partials have been staples of tooth replacement for decades. They replace multiple or entire arches of missing teeth. We provide dentures as one of our restorative dentistry services. Our dental team can also repair or replace an existing denture. Dentures must fit well to ensure they’re working properly for your needs.

Modern dentures have gotten many upgrades over the years. They’re less bulky and more comfortable for patients to wear, feeling more like natural teeth than ever. This is especially true with implant-supported dentures, where the dentures stay in by securing to as few as four dental implants instead of suction and adhesives.dentures and partials in marshall, texas

Getting Dentures in Marshall, TX

Before any dental procedure, we have a consultation with you. We want to discuss your dental goals and budget and the restorations we offer to ensure that we provide you with the best one for your needs. The dentist also performs a thorough evaluation, looking at the structures of your mouth and talking about your medical history. Once we decide on the right choice for you, we’ll move forward with treatment.

Denture treatment steps depend on whether you’re getting removable or implant dentures. For removable dentures, we take impressions of the gums and any remaining teeth you may have. We send these to a dental lab so they can fabricate dentures that fit your mouth perfectly. If you’re getting implant dentures, we start with the surgical implantation. We place as few as four titanium implant posts in the jaw, targeting where they’ll succeed most.

With removable dentures, the lab will send a mock-up that we use to ensure that they fit properly. We make any changes needed to ensure they’re comfortable and functional in your mouth. Your permanent restoration is made with acrylic and resin to look as natural as possible in your mouth.

You must wait around 3-6 months for the implant site to heal for implant dentures. The implants have to fuse with your jawbone. When this is complete, we take impressions to fabricate your dentures. As with removable dentures, we’ll ensure they fit properly and install them in your mouth.

Removable Vs. Implant-Secured Dentures

Removable and implant dentures are two of the most common types we use. Both have their benefits, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the best option for your unique needs.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are probably what comes to mind when you think of dentures. They’re made of a metal framework and resin, supporting acrylic teeth. They stay in your mouth with suction, and you often have to use adhesive to ensure they stay properly during the day.

Benefits of removable dentures include their upfront cost and the quickness of restoration. They’re much cheaper upfront than implant dentures. They don’t require a surgical procedure and are less invasive. No surgical need also makes this option less expensive.

However, there are downsides. Though they’re cheaper upfront, you often incur surprise expenses in the future. When you have missing teeth, the jawbone deteriorates. Removable dentures don’t replace the tooth roots, so they deteriorate over time. This impacts the fit of your dentures. You’ll need to reline or replace the dentures at least once to ensure they still fit and function properly.

With removable dentures, you only get around 40% of your bite function back. There are certain foods you have to eliminate from your diet because your dentures can’t break them down. They also have a tendency to slip and fall out while speaking or eating. It can make patients nervous in public because they don’t want people to see the dentures slip.

They also require a lot of maintenance. You need adhesive so that they stay in your mouth properly. Each evening, you’ll need a specific brush to remove this adhesive. Overnight, you’ll need to use specific denture soaks to keep your dentures hydrated so they don’t crack. This also sanitizes the dentures. You can’t wear the dentures overnight due to the pressure on your gums. It can lead to sores and other problems.

Implant Dentures

Whenever possible, we recommend implant dentures. They stay in your mouth permanently, locking onto dental implants in your jawbone. Dental implants provide benefits that other dental solutions don’t. They replace the tooth root as well as the crown; the only restoration that does so. Instead of the jawbone deterioration continuing, the implants prevent that. They can even prompt jawbone regeneration, as the implants have to fuse with the bone.

While you need to replace removable dentures over time, there are no unexpected costs with implant dentures. Because of that jawbone retention, the fit of the dentures isn’t going to change. This also gives you more stability. Instead of only 40% or so of your bite function returning, you get back almost 100%.

Implant dentures are easier to take care of. You just have to brush them like you would normal teeth. They never come out of the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about any special cleaning or maintenence. There’s increased comfort because they feel the most like natural teeth. You can be confident when you’re eating and speaking in public, because the dentures don’t slip or move.

However, there are some downsides. Implant dentures are more expensive upfront. However, you don’t have surprise costs in the future. It also takes longer to get your final restoration because of the healing process for the implant posts. You have to be healthy enough to go through a surgical procedure.

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